Places assises ou places debout, comment choisir la salle de fête au Cameroun

Seating or standing, how to choose the party room in Cameroon

Seating or standing, how to choose the party room in Cameroon?

The choice of a party room is made by several criteria, and among these criteria we have the number of guests who will come to share the feelings of joy or sadness according to the event (Marriage, baptism, First Communion, mourning, funeral , birthday …). We will also see how the number of seats or guests at your event can save you money and save money. So the question is: Seating or standing, how to choose the party room in Cameroon?

In Douala, Yaounde or elsewhere in Cameroon we have several party rooms that set their prices taking into account the number of guests. We have multi-room and multi-room rooms, all-inclusive party rooms, party rooms with chairs. The type or nature of the event will allow us to ripen our choice among the party rooms that we are offered or that we have sought.

If you want to organize an event such as a wedding, a seminar, a meeting and more, this type of event requires guests to be seated to fully enjoy the teaching or the event. This implies that your party or meeting room has tables and chairs. In this case, choose rooms with service included or turnkey rooms. You will reduce expenses because you will not have to pay for third-party services such as renting tables and chairs, tarpaulins. For this type of event, a party room with lots of seating would be ideal. Well a number equivalent to the desired number of places.

On the other hand, if you wish to organize a concert (Ordinary Concert), according to your needs, the choice of your room could be focused on the number of standing places. In the majority of concerts, people come to have fun and dance, not to sit down. A room with a maximum number of standing places would be advisable. We have prepared a list of types of events that take into account the number of seats or standing.

Anniversary, Marriage, First Communion, Baptism:

Usually, people eating before dancing, it would be better to consider the seating of the party room. Look for a party room that will contain the number of people invited to your event, a party room with maximum seating. Prioritize all-inclusive rooms.

Concert, gala evening, gathering and others of the same type:

You understand, the number of places is really not important, people who just do not expect to have a seat, already it’s difficult to enter, so finding a seat would not be the first of the guests’ concerns.

Be aware though that a room with seating is more expensive than a party room or open space. Your choice depends heavily on the type of event you are organizing.

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