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How to Seduce an Independent Woman

10 Tips for How to Seduce an Independent Woman Independent women are strong and confident individuals who know what they want in life. They are typically ambitious and have successful careers. They are also very content in their own company and do not need a man to make them happy. If you want to seduce […]

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Comment choisir son costume de mariage ?

Comment choisir son costume de mariage ? Tout marié heureux rêve d’un costume avec qui il ne fera qu’un ! le costume idéal dans lequel il serait le plus élégant sans en faire un peu trop. Un costume qui lui donnera des frissons chaque fois qu’il passera devant. Et surtout un costume confortable dans lequel il pourra […]

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3 choses à savoir sur les fiançailles - Amoureux - Célibatire - Couple


You are certainly in a relationship or not, but you would like to commit yourself to life with your soul mate to share the happiness and difficulties of life. You wonder if the engagement can be a proof of love of your partner, insurance of his love, would it be necessary to go through the […]

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Organiser un anniversaire dans une salle de fête – nos conseils

Organize a Birthday in a Party Room – Our Tips

It’s a great day, at best it’s a special day for you and you want to share that joy with your family members, friends and acquaintances. It’s a perfect idea to want to have a party room or event space to welcome your guests. Guests will be more comfortable in a space appropriate for the […]

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Places assises ou places debout, comment choisir la salle de fête au Cameroun

Seating or standing, how to choose the party room in Cameroon

Seating or standing, how to choose the party room in Cameroon? The choice of a party room is made by several criteria, and among these criteria we have the number of guests who will come to share the feelings of joy or sadness according to the event (Marriage, baptism, First Communion, mourning, funeral , birthday […]

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3 Erreurs à éviter si tu veux réussir ton mariage

3 Mistakes to absolutely avoid to make a successful marriage

3 Mistakes to absolutely avoid to make a successful marriage. Note that there are others, but today, I prepared 3 to help you organize your wedding ceremony. Some mistakes are voluntary and others are not, but there are often couples who come straight into the bickering during marriage and after marriage. Perhaps because of debts, […]

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