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We are an event agency in Africa with a vision and specific objectives. Indeed, for more than 5 years already, we have understood the growing need that was felt in the African community in the field of events. We have noticed the increasing number of events organized in Africa (wedding, engagement, funeral, conference, meeting, birthday, etc.), and find a banquet room that respects certain characteristics (budget, location, number of places) becomes more and more complicated.

That’s why EVENTS PLACES event agency in africa , in partnership with the Digital Marketing Agency PROTAI-IN, have a digital repertoire of event rooms in most AFRICA countries, such as: Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire Ivory, Ghana, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and more.

The world is digital today, another part of our mission is to offer the African community the possibility, but especially the ease of being able to find a party room or banquet room online, staying at home and in their room, thanks to our website completely free and open to the public.


Event rooms or places,
Catering service,
DJ + sound system,
Car rental,
Girls and groomsmen …

Lieux d'événements| Salles de fêtes en Afrique et au Cameroun
Lieux d'événements| Salles de fêtes en Afrique et au Cameroun