5 Most Popular Party Rooms in Douala on EVENTS PLACES in the last 6 months 2019

EVENTS-PLACES is today the reference site for party room research in all cities of Cameroon (Douala, Yaoundé, Bafoussam, Kribi, Limbé, Bamenda and more).
In the last 6 months of 2019, we have prepared a list of 5 most popular party rooms on Google for the Wedding, Anniversary, Gala Party and more. These results vary very often according to the periods and according to the availabilities of the rooms. Seeing the holiday season (Christmas, New Year), it is very difficult to have a reference party room. Many prefer to look next.

So here are the 5 most wanted rooms on Google in our reference website of event rooms:


If you are or have been looking for a party room in Douala, you have probably already heard about SAPHIRS. Many of our guests say that it is the marriage of the brother of the great African Play: Samuel Eto’o that this room has gained notoriety, but no matter the reason, the SAPHIRS party room is a sumptuous and magnificent room. She is very beautiful and it is recognized by all, you have all the descriptions of the room
in our SAPHIRS form (Location, Number of places, Prices, services included). You can also request a quote and go through us to get a discount of over 5%.

Voir la fiche complète du SAPHIRS


Impossible that the queen’s park does not go off the list. This room is one of the most searched places on Google for organizing an event regardless of the nature. It has more than 250 seats and more than 500 standing places. It can contain several types of events such as weddings, concerts and other ceremonies of all kinds.

Voir la fiche complète de QUEEN’S PARK


It is distinguished from other halls first by its location but also by its number of party rooms. This banquet room is in great demand on Google in recent times. The ARENA offers 3 types of rooms according to budgets and needs in number of guests. This beautiful room or better this set of event rooms is located in Bonamoussadi, a residential area of the city of Douala in Cameroon.

Voir la fiche complète de ARENA


If you have not yet read our article about choosing between a normal party room and a party room in a Hotel, then you can read it first by clicking here.
Located in the heart of Douala, this party room can take 450 people seated and 800 people standing. Many of our clients, for special reasons our customers prefer as a party rooms in a hotel than simple party rooms. The hotel JOANES is a very sought-after space on our reference platform of party rooms in Cameroon.

Voir la fiche complète de L’hôtel JOANES


Known for its club or nightclub, the BYBLOS is also a very trendy party room for your different types of events. Byblos search on google in our Event Places website has arrived more than 400 times during the last 6 months. For our part we think that you could have your account in this room if you have luxury taste.

Voir la fiche complète du BYBLOS

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