3 Erreurs à éviter si tu veux réussir ton mariage

3 Mistakes to absolutely avoid to make a successful marriage

3 Mistakes to absolutely avoid to make a successful marriage. Note that there are others, but today, I prepared 3 to help you organize your wedding ceremony. Some mistakes are voluntary and others are not, but there are often couples who come straight into the bickering during marriage and after marriage. Perhaps because of debts, dissatisfaction of a partner, mediocrity of a photographer or other services. As it is said: prevention is better than cure </ strong>. Here are the 3 Mistakes to absolutely avoid to make a successful marriage. So the first mistake of the 3 Mistakes to absolutely avoid to make a successful marriage is the management of the budget and the knowledge of its needs.

1- Do not set a budget and do not know what you want.

Yes, it’s true, it’s a very important day and maybe the most important day of your life, but this day must not spoil the rest of your life. DO NOT EXTEND FOR YOUR MARRIAGE.
What’s the point of living happy one day and living unhappy the rest of your life? It is a very popular practice among newlyweds, getting into debt for the Dote of the woman, for the wedding and the wedding ceremony. Take the time to set your Budget and with your companion, clearly define what is important to you, which will please the other during this day while remaining reasonable. If you thought you were going into debt to organize your wedding, be prepared, because your couple will get a hard blow. Money being one of the causes of separations and divorces, the Debt is just like his friend.

Take the time to prepare a budget, stick to your budget and define exactly what you expect from your wedding. It’s your wedding and not the wedding of the guests, do yourself first.

Avoid listening to everyone and too many people.
It can be important and useful to have the opinion of a friend or relative, but the last word must come from you. It’s your wedding and you’re the main ones kept.

2- Entrust the organization to a friend in the place of a professional.

Hmm, that’s a risky mentality. Maybe you want to save some money or to please your friend or brother who knows how to hold a camera, but are you sure of the quality of his achievements.
It is more reassuring to entrust the organization of your event to a professional, it is his job “In addition you have the possibility to see how he has worked with other people.It can be an independent professional, but better yet event agency , and they often have bundles of all-inclusive services on a budget – that’s what we offer as well.
The professional will take the time to advise you, save you money, save you time and energy. Take care of your partner and leave the rest if possible to a professional service.

3- Seeking perfection and lux

Without a doubt, here is one of the reasons that causes the most errors and disappointments. This point somehow joins the first point, knowing exactly what you want. Always remember that the important thing is to share a moment of joy with your companion and your loved ones. Do not spoil the preparations with small, unimportant details. Know already that it will never be perfect enough. Be relaxed, with the help of a event agency , it can be easier.

An African proverb says: “Hang your bag where you can unhook it.”
All of us are different and unique at the same time, so why do you want to do the same? No need to impress, it’s your wedding and enjoy this unforgettable and beautiful moment.

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