3 choses à savoir sur les fiançailles - Amoureux - Célibatire - Couple


You are certainly in a relationship or not, but you would like to commit yourself to life with your soul mate to share the happiness and difficulties of life. You wonder if the engagement can be a proof of love of your partner, insurance of his love, would it be necessary to go through the engagement before the wedding where it is not necessary. Before talking about the 3 things to know about the betrothal, let’s start with a little definition of this term to put us in the right context.


Betrothal can be seen as a time of discernment essential for marriage, a time for reflection to mature the marriage decision, with all that engagement entails, and if you really want to do it with that particular person, different from U.S. This person who has qualities, but also defects with which we will have to live daily. This commitment involves all plans: material, moral and spiritual, also engaging the future of our children.

I dare to believe that at the end of this article, you will find the answer to your concerns, here are the 3 things to know about the betrothal:


Betrothal is a step before marriage that helps us in the maturing of love. The love we feel for our darling during our out-of-wedlock relationship does not involve us as much as that experienced in a marriage relationship. Because the action of saying “yes” to marriage must be based on a real decision to love our darling. We decide to love him for the better and for the worse, for good times and difficult times.


The Betrothal is a period of preparation for its independence. When one commits to the engagement, one certainly plans to leave the home of the Parents whether it is with the man or the woman. This transitional period between celibacy and marriage gives future brides and grooms to visualize their future life outside the home of parents or guardians. And even, very often during this engagement period, the bride and groom are busy preparing their wedding house for the new family they will create together.


The Betrothal is closer to the marriage itself than Celibat or couple life. The engagement involves the joint agreements of the parents of the different parties involved. A married life is simply a relationship that does not necessarily involve family members or friends. In Africa, the dowry procedure is considered a traditional marriage, but it can also be seen as an engagement for a marriage to the mayor or church.

We think that these 3 things to know about the betrothal will allow you to have answers to your concerns.
Before closing, I have a question for you: what level of importance do you give to the marriage at the town hall and the one at the church? Do you think the 2 are necessary?
We will discuss this in the next article and your opinion will be welcome.

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